Supporting Reading Achievement Among Diverse Adolescent Learners

This 15-hour/PDP course provides participants with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop instructional strategies for supporting literacy among middle and high-school students. Live Virtual One graduate credit is available for an additional fee.

Enroll by: July 1, 2022. 

$350.00 USD

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Decoding Math

Participants can choose how they want to participate in this comprehensive workshop on math instruction for elementary students. A self-guided course offers 30 hours of courswork. The graduate level course (45 hours) combines self-guided and live virtual workshops and begins October 2022. 

Graduate Course is $750 USD/Self-Guided Course is $450 USD

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This 12-hour/PDP course provides training in the RAVE-O program. RAVE-O offers evidence-based strategic  instruction to build fluency and comprehension skills among struggling readers including those with dyslexia. Live, Virtual Session July 18 from 10am - 3pm EST, please enroll by: July 1, 2022. 

$365.00 USD

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Orthographic Mapping

Unlock the instructional secrets to building students' sight word recognition during this 10-hour/PDP. Content features use of inventories for planning instructional and practice with teaching strategies for regular and irregular words. Live, virtual workshops on August Enroll by: July 1, 2022. 

$225.00 USD

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