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Providing educational consultation to support students with learning and attentional differences.




Giving a Speech


“Thanks again for a truly informative workshop. I’m always looking to learn something new, and after today, my reading toolkit has been expanded.  Especially helpful was the section on retrieval, both from a personal and professional stance. You mentioned some activities that may help my four year old with her struggle to name objects quickly, especially as she tells a story or relays parts of her day. Thanks again for such a well-thought out session.  I’d love to see you again in the spring. ”

Literacy Coach, Winchester Public School

 "I was fortunate to be able to attend your 2 day workshop on 'The Literate Brain'.  Your thorough background information regarding the history of reading and the reading process in the brain was fascinating. The screens that you suggested at each "level" of the reading process will truly help us screen children appropriately, at an early age, in order to inform instruction. This will change our practice from reactive to proactive. I am looking forward to sharing these essential pieces with administration as well as my Special Education team. Thank you so much for an amazing 2 days of learning!"

Special Education Teacher, Simsbury Public Schools

"I had the pleasure of sitting in on your presentation at the VOC conference on Saturday.  My daughter is dyslexic, and I feel that I finally had the dyslexia phenomenon presented to me in an understandable and comprehensive way.  Thank you!"

Information Specialist, Federation for Children with Special Needs

"This is a long overdue thank you for the homework workshop in January. It was so helpful to discover some of the reasons why my son and I are struggling, and I took away some great strategies to try. While he never bought in to the treaty, we have been using other ideas and overall both of us are less stressed. He has been taking more ownership too, which was our biggest challenge. Thank you again for a very valuable workshop."


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