Learning Loops

Learning Loops offer a cycle of professional development that is designed to deepen educators' knowledge in domains that are critical to academic achievement. Loops focus on one concept at a time, allowing participants an opportunity to both familiarize themselves with new content, practice implementing strategies, and receive feedback that promotes professional reflection and growth.


Learning Loops integrate self-guided coursework, live sessions, modeling, guided practice, and feedback to effectively support educators as they develop their skills. Each loop is organized into five, 2-hour sessions that progress from the introduction of new knowledge to reflections, feedback,  and next steps for sustaining new instructional approaches.

Becoming Expert 

Learning Loops kick off with a self-guided session that outlines evidence-based practice and the body of research behind the science of learning. 

Using Knowledge to Inform Practice

The next session in the Learning Loops sequence connects research to practical application.

Observing Instructional Practice

The third session of the Learning Loops sequences offers participants an opportunity to observe new practices in action through video models.

Guided Practice

By session four, participants are ready to practice the implementation of new strategies or frameworks and encouraged to record themselves for feedback during the final session.

Feedback & Next Steps

The final session in the Learning Loops allows participants the chance to come back together to share their new learning and receive feedback from colleagues and Crafting Minds staff.

The Five Learning Loops 

Understanding the Science of Reading & The Importance of Explicit Instruction

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Using Data to Plan Targeted Guided Reading Instruction

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Delivering Structured Literacy Routines

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Developing Targeted Instructional Plans for Students with an SLD, including Dyslexia

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The Role of Progress Monitoring

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