The Secrets to Teaching Math Facts

becky lord crafting minds decoding math math facts Aug 30, 2021

Recently I had the chance to present a webinar on The Secrets to Teaching Math Facts - a topic that is top of mind for many educators. After years of working in this field, I believe that the reason so many students are struggling to learn math is that there is a misalignment with the primary instructional methods we use and how the brain learns math. The more we understand the ways in which the brain processes numerical concepts and learns new skills, the more we can align our instruction. This enables us to choose the most effective methods for developing conceptual understanding and efficient number strategies, then work toward fluency. 

In this webinar we address:

  • Our innate numerical abilities
  • Is counting the best strategy? Or is subitizing?
  • Using Dot Cards, Cluster Cards, and Cuisenaire Rods for instruction

I hope you find this webinar helpful in informing your approach to numeracy and math facts instruction. Here is the resource page that is referred to during the discussion.

Here’s to better (and more enjoyable!) math learning for all.

Becky Lord


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