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RAVE-O Training

12-hour course/PDPs

6-hours self-guided coursework & 6 hours Live Virtual Workshop. 

Live Workshop, March 19, 2021: 9:00am - 2:30pm EST.

RAVE-O is the first comprehensive research and evidence-based approach to building reading fluency struggling 2nd - 4th graders. By the completion of the course, participants will be prepared to teach RAVE-O both in-person and online. The program goes beyond repeated reading to help students develop their automaticity in all aspects of word knowledge, integrating phonics, vocabulary, parts of speech, and morphology. 


RAVE-O  is the only known structured literacy approach for students with Rapid Automatized Naming weaknesses, and now has a virtual version of the curriculum for remote instruction.

RAVE-O Virtual offers a curriculum that is designed for both LIVE LESSONS (via Google classroom) and ASYNCHRONOUS ACTIVITIES (via Seesaw).  Live Lessons are scripted and easy to deliver, while the asynchronous or self-guided activities have recorded directions that facilitate independent work.

Enrollment Cost - $325

Space is Limited, Registration Deadline -February 25, 2021.

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Assessing Foundational Fluency Skills

10-hour course/PDPs

7-hours self-guided coursework & 3 hours Live Virtual Workshop. 

Live Workshops, April 8 & May 6, 2021: 6:00pm - 7:30pm EST.

This 10-hour course provides guidance and support in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of two frequently utilized standardized assessments of reading automaticity:

1- The Rapid Automatized Naming/Rapid Alternating Stimulus (RAN/RAS, Pro-Ed) assessment measures students' foundational abilities to name objects, letters, numbers, and alternating stimulus. The RAN/RAS can be used for screening risk of dyslexia and comprehensive evaluations.

2-The Test of Word Reading Efficiency (TOWRE-2, Pro-Ed) measures students' reading efficiency with both commonly occurring sight words and phonetically regular "nonsense" words. The TOWRE-2 can be used during comprehensive evaluations and as a progress monitoring tool.

As information regarding the "science of reading" becomes widely available educators are seeking methods to better understand the nature of their students' reading impairments.

One common reason children experience difficulty becoming "fluent readers" is related to weaknesses in their reading automaticity or naming speed. Naming Speed weaknesses are estimated to affect approximately 20% of struggling readers. The administration of selected standardized assessments can help determine when a student is experiencing a naming speed weakness.


Enrollment Cost - $185

Space is Limited, Registration Deadline -April 1, 2021.

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Unpacking Orthographic Mapping 

10-hour course/PDPs

6 hours self-guided coursework & 4 hours Live Virtual Workshops

Self-Guided Work Can Begin Anytime.

Live Workshops, March 5 & 26, 2021 - 1:30-3:30pm EST.

Have you struggled with building sight word recognition amongst your struggling readers? Unpacking Orthographic Mapping introduces participants to compelling research that highlights that challenges with sight words are due to weaknesses in phonemic awareness and letter pattern knowledge, not visual memory.  The course features research from the book Equipped for Reading Success by David Kilpatrick and provides participants with training in assessments related to orthographic mapping,  and practice with lesson planning and delivering instructional strategies. 

Enrollment Cost - $185

Registration Deadline - February 28, 2021.

Decoding Math

15-hour course/PDPs

10 hours self-guided coursework & 5 hours Live Virtual Workshops 

Live Workshops, March 12 - 30, 2021.

This engaging, practical, and informative course combines self-guided coursework with weekly live workshops. Coursework focuses on the nature of support for students with specific learning disabilities in math and those with dyscalculia.


Participants will be introduced to instructional methods that help all students develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics and mathematical language, leading to procedural fluency. Physical and virtual manipulatives will be used so that instruction can be adapted to the current learning environment, whether in-person or remote.



Each week participants will complete 2-hours of coursework independently and meet for a 1-hour live workshop to practice with case studies, lesson planning, and remote & in-person instruction. 

Enrollment Cost - $320

Space is limited, Registration Deadline - February 12, 2021.


Engaging Struggling Readers Through Remote Instruction  

10-hour course/PDPs

10 hours self-guided coursework & Optional Live Office Hours on Zoom

Enrollment is Rolling

This highly interactive workshop is designed for elementary school educators who support struggling readers and those with dyslexia. All coursework is asynchronous and can be completed on your own schedule. Presentations, activities, and supplemental readings offer teachers motivational games, lessons, and strategies to seamlessly embed into remote instruction.

Course content and activities will:

  • Synthesize research findings on fostering intrinsic motivation. 

  • Provide educators with strategies and activities. 

  • Offer guided demonstrations utilizing online platforms to develop accuracy and fluency in word reading skills. 

  • Supply lesson planning templates and routines that can be used in small group and/or individual interventions.  

Enrollment cost - $185

Enrollment is rolling and participants can begin at any time. 


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