Screening and Supporting Students
At-Risk of Dyslexia at K-2


Crating Minds has created a four-part workshop that translates the Massachusetts Dyslexia Guidelines into practical strategies for the assessment and instruction of students at-risk for reading difficulties and dyslexia. This district or school-based workshop is designed to support current practices, and appropriate for a diverse group educators at the K-2 level including: classroom teachers, reading specialists, special educators, speech and language pathologists, school psychologists, and administrators.


The Science of Reading and Screening

The initial session focuses on the science behind the reading brain, in particular, the ways in which recent research justifies the need for early screening and critical characteristics of appropriate screening tools.

Interpreting Student Performance & Planning Instruction

The second session discusses the use of screening tools and progress monitoring in a larger MTSS model. The workshop supports educators and specialists as they interpret student performance and plan instruction in both Tier 2 and Tier 3 routines.


Targeted Tier 2 Instruction Routines to Build Accuracy.

The third session introduces targeted Tier 2 instructional routines that develop accuracy skills in the early grades.  Tier 2 routines largely extend classroom instructional routines and provide additional practice. 


Targeted Tier 2 Routines to Build Automaticity and Comprehension

This final session will introduce Tier 2 routines that develop automaticity/fluency and comprehension skills. We will also review key ideas and troubleshoot challenges.