Literacy Instruction That's Targeted (LITT)

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Workshop Overview


This 18-hour professional development course provides educators with practical strategies for supporting struggling readers and those with dyslexia. By combining evidence from education, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience coursework pieces together the educational elements that are critical for literacy achievement. 

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Understanding Orthographic Mapping and the Connection to Sight Word Recognition (4 hours: Self-Guided to be completed by April 16th)

Module 2: An Overview of the Reading Brain (2 hours: Live, April 16th)

Module 3: Building An Assessment Battery Connecting the Science of Reading to Assessment and Instruction (2 hours: Self-Guided, to be completed by May 7th) 

Module 4: Common Subtypes of Reading Disorders including Dyslexia (2 hours: Live, May 7th)

Module 5: Common Subtypes of Reading Disorders including Dyslexia (2 hours: Live, May 21st)

Module 6: Providing Instruction and Preparing Case Studies (4 hours: Self-Guided to be completed by June 11th)

Module 7: Discussion of Case Studies and Next Steps (2 hours: Live, June 11th)



The course is delivered through 7 live and asynchronous modules that provide content through narrated powerpoints, instructional demonstrations, and supplemental readings.  



Our live sessions can be accessed through Zoom links within each module. Full participation in live sessions is required to receive PDPs at the conclusion of the course. 

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